Signs and solution’s to a dry well

A well is a system used to draw water up from an underground water source. A hole is drilled into saturated soil or rock, with a pipe inserted to draw water to the surface.

Wells use water stored in an underground aquifer, which is a formation of rocks or loose material that produces a significant amount of water when tapped by a well. Modern water wells are drilled providing safer water and less chance of running dry due to the level of the water table dropping below the level of the well.

One of the main reasons for a dry well is that the pumping rates are greater than the supply of water that is available. During water shortages, it is common for the water table level to drop below the level of the pump pipe.

3 Sign that your well is running dry:

  1. The faucet is turned on and no water appears, this shows the pump is sucking air from the well and not water.
  2. The appearance and taste of the water can provide clues to water levels. For Example: The water appears to be murky with an altered taste.
  3. Spluttering faucet with intermittent water.


To ensure these are signs of a low water level, and not problems with the electricity supply or fuses connected to the pump, we recommend:

  • Checking the water pump breaker in the electrical breaker box by turning the breaker off and on again. Making sure that your system has not tripped a breaker.


If the problems continue, be sure to call a qualified pump installer to complete a thorough check on your pumping system.